Me in our Sardinian home

Welcome to my blog!
My name is Helga and I’m born on the island Gotland in sweden, but since 2011 I divide my time between Gotland and the island Sardinia in Italy. 5 month a year I manage a restaurant attached to an art hall and sculpture park in the Gotlandic countryside and 7 months I spend in Sardinia were I grow olives, produce olive oil and work as a freelance photographer.
Here on my blog I chare bits of my life as a swedish twin mum with a Sardinian man in two different cultures that tries to live without too much impact on our nature. I show some of my photographic work, chare recepies and stories of the Sardinian culture and make presentations of some of our artists at Körsbärsgården.
I hope you’ll enjoy it!

My man Gian Mauro and our two girls Ilena and Ilaria on a wedding last summer